Bury Billiards League


Contacts & Addresses

ClubContactTelephone NoMobile No.Email Address
Press SecretaryJames Fletcher07887 514999jamesalanfletcher@gmail.com
General SecretaryPhil Deakin07703 576394phil@calderbrook.com
TreasurerBrian Ridley07966 644278ridley1543@hotmail.co.uk
Castleton Bowling Club
Ashton Street, Rochdale OL11 3RTAlastair Hardman07752 984400alastair.z70@gmail.com
01706 651791Graham Brennan07538 009957grahambrennan@live.co.uk
Paul Hulme0161 682 6069p.hulme55@gmail.com
Elton Liberal Club
New George Street, Bury, BL8 1NWBruce Holden07768 754528brucewholden@googlemail.com
0161 764 1776Paul Holt0161 764 177607778 178428paulholt3@sky.com
Paul Taylor07815 176547
MissQ’s Ssports Bar A
Great George St, Rochdale, OL13 10QGPhil Deakin07703 576394phil@calderbrook.com
01706 644568Derek Hamlett07733 296787derekhamlett5@gmail.com
MissQ’s Ssports Bar B
Great George St, Rochdale, OL13 10QGSid Ash01706 35685407742 506669sidney@ash5550.fsworld.co.uk
01706 644568Roy Denson07931 597604zuravlova@yahoo.com
Trevor Smith07704 509654trevorsmith147@tiscali.co.uk
Pike Fold Golf Club
Hills Lane, Unsworth, Bury, BL9 8QPTrevor Candler07713 072441trevorcandler@gmail.com
0161 766 3561
Seedfield Bowling Club A
Parkinson Street, Bury, BL9 6NYBill Mitchel07817 617751margaretmitchell40@gmail.com
0161 764 4515Brian Ridley07966 644278ridley1543@hotmail.co.uk
Paul Eslick07841 862569ezzy@talktalk.net
Seedfield Bowling Club B
Parkinson Street, Bury, BL9 6NYMartin Bennett07759 322561martin.bennett159@btinternet.com
0161 764 4515
Radcliffe Central Snooker Club
Abden St, Radliffe, M26 3ATJames Fletcher07887 514999jamesalanfletcher@gmail.com
0161 723 1237Ian Belginian.belgin@ntlworld.com
Victoria Snooker Club
Sale Street, Littleborough OL15 9BBSam Walker07581 407820Samwalker583@gmail.com
01706 377201
Walmersley Conservative Club
Mather Road, Bury, BL9 6RBBrian Samuels0161 478 500107799 642706bpsamuels@yahoo.co.uk
0161 764 2815Bob Capron07590 758771bobcapron@hotmail.com
Darren Samuels07795 621234darren_samuels@hotmail.co.uk
Walshaw Conservative Club
Spring St, Walshaw, Bury, BL8 3AYIan Street07966 649760Ian641@btinternet.com
0161 764 5149David Samuels0161 705 132007747 176085samuelsdj@hotmail.co.uk

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You don't have to be a member to play in our League only a member of a League Club.