Congratulations Victoria - Team KO Champions

Individuals & Doubles Finals to be held on Presentation Evening, Tuesday 12th April at Walmersley Con Club

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Victoria Win Team KO After Clinching Semi-final With One Frame Win

Victoria Snooker Club are the Bury Billiards League Team KO Champions following a closely fought semi-final against Elton Lib.

The first semi-final was played at Walmersley Con Club with Glen Anchor and Bruce Holden starting the evening with a frame that went to the wire. Bruce was the victor by just 2-points, which meant that Victoria still held a comfortable 33-point aggregate advantage due to the team handicaps. Sam Walker struck back for Victoria in the second frame with a 5-point victory, which left Paul Holt with an outside chance of winning the match, needing to stop his opponent, Alan Lees reaching a score of 88. Paul won the frame, but could not restrict Alan’s scoring enough; the frame ending 125-112.

In the second semi-final played at Seedfield BC, Walmersley B took on MissQs A. James Fletcher got Walmersley off to a good start with the aid of a 31 & 36 break to win by 39. Ian Belgin put the aggregate strongly in the hands of Walmersley with a solid performance that had a break of 41. His victory put Walmersley 118-points ahead. This left Paul Mather a near impossible task as he gave opponent, Dale Jones a 139-point head start. Paul played an excellent frame, compiling breaks of 32, 41 & 81, but could not restrict Dales scoring to the 8-points required.

Castleton Bowling Club hosted a final that was streamed live thanks to Alastair Hardman. The first frame was a cagey affair, with Victoria’s Glen Anchor taking advantage of some tentative play from opponent, Dale Jones. His first frame victory saw Victoria ease into a 54-point lead. Ian Belgin and Sam Walker faced off in the second frame. Both players struggled to begin with, but Sam found some late form to put Victoria 77-points ahead going into the final frame. This meant that Alan Lees needed to reach a score of 48 to claim the trophy. James Fletcher started well, eliminating a 78-point handicap deficit in quick time to leave the players virtually level as the both approached the 30 mark. Alan compiled some useful teen breaks to clinch the aggregate and the Championship. With Alan requiring 2-ponts to complete the whitewash, he refused a regulation pot white, which left James the opportunity to run out with an 18-break.

Congratulations Victoria. Thanks to Castleton, Seedfield and Walmersley for hosting the finals!

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Team KO Semi finalists decided on head-to-head results

The Bury Billiards League Team KO semi finalists are Victoria, Walmersley B, MissQs A and Elton Lib.

With the top two teams in each group finishing level on points, matches won and frames won, the 1st and 2nd place in each group was decided on the head-to-head results.

In group A, Walmersley B required two points to ensure they qualified as they took on Seedfield B. The match was finely balanced after the first two frames. Ian Belgin took the first by just 3 chalks as he clawed back a 60-point handicap deficit. On the other table Jim Peters took on James Fletcher. Having given a 132-point head start, James had managed to edge ahead at the later stages of the game and had the first opportunity to win when the scores stood at 123-122 in favour of the Walmersley captain. However, a missed canon attempt left a regulation in-off for Jim to pinch the frame. This left Dale Jones requiring a win by any margin to send Walmersley into the semi finals. Dale started well, but opponent Danny Morgan potted well to put the pressure on. Dale kept his nerve and managed to win the frame and aggregate to hand Walmersley a 4-1 victory.

The second match in Group A saw MissQs B travel to Victoria. Sid Ash recorded a whopping 125-63 victory in the first frame to put the aggregate well in favour of the visitors. Sam Walker levelled the match in the second frame, but Trevor Burns struck back for MissQs B to take a 4-1 victory.

In Group B, MissQs A leapfrogged Castleton and Elton Lib to claim top spot with a 4-1 victory against Elton Lib.

Bruce Holden took the first frame by just 6-points, but MissQs A hit back through Derek Hamlett and Paul Mather to turn the match around and set up a semi-final showdown against Walmersley B. 

Team KO Semi Finals:

MissQs A vs Walmersley B to be played at Seedfield Bowling Club

Victoria vs Elton Lib to be played at Castleton Bowling Club

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B Team Win Walmersley Derby. MissQs B Keep In Touching Distance With Whitewash.

The Bury Billiards Team KO enters its final week this week with the semi final spots undecided, and only one team in each group ruled out.

In the Walmersley derby, the B team had Dale Jones and Ian Belgin to thank for a 4-1 victory. Dale, making a break of 36, played an almost faultless frame, with his opponent, Dave Samuels, considering himself lucky to get into positive figures. On the other table, Ian Belgin steadily caught Brian Samuels and eased to a 125-87 victory with the aid of a 33-break. The final frame saw James Fletcher take on Darren Samuels. Although James started well with a 33-break, a cluster of teen breaks from Darren saw the A team prevent the whitewash and record what could turn out to be a significant consolation point.

MissQs B ensured that they hold onto an outside chance of qualification thanks to a 5-0 victory over Seedfield B. Trevor Burns overcame an 83-point handicap disadvantage to take the first frame by 28-points. Roy Denson continued his good form after last weeks 33-break to take the second frame by 37-points. Sid Ash completed the whitewash with a 125-115 victory.

In Group B, Seedfield A travelled to Castleton. Paul Eslick overcame a 97-point handicap deficit with the aid of a 31-break to take the first frame by 23-points. Castelton battled back with narrow victories by Elvet Smith and Bill Schofield, but the damage had already been done in the first frame, which saw Seedfield take the aggregate points and a 3-2 victory.

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Holt Turns Match Around For Elton. The Doc And Hardman Hammer MissQs

Elton Lib had Paul Holt to thanks for their 3-2 victory as they hosted Seedfield B in the third week of the Bury Billiards Team KO competition. After Steve Chant kept hold of his handicap advantage in the first frame, Gary McGovern narrowly claimed the second. Bruce Holden had managed to get within striking distance of Gary, and looked to be well on his way to pinching the frame when he set up an easy in-off during a teen break for the frame. However, an uncharacteristic miss, left Gary an easy pot to take the second frame for Seedfield. Paul Holt was hoping for a consolation point in the final frame as he took on Paul Eslick. He potted well and made some good billiards shots to outplay his opponent and claim an unexpected aggregate win to make it two-from-two for Elton.

The other match in Group B saw Castleton travel to MissQs A. Elvet Smith and Phil Deakin faced off in the first frame. Both players made 32-breaks, but it was Elvet ‘The Doc’ Smith that prevailed with a crushing 125-56 victory. Paul Mather and Alistair Hardman went into frame two with Paul recording a characteristic 52-break, but. The handicap advantage proved to be too much to even make a dent in as Alistair eased to a gigantic 105-point victory. Terry Jump finished put the cherry on the cake with the aid of a 53-break to take all the spoils for Castleton, which keeps the Group B table tight.

In Group A, Victoria made it three-from-three, claiming the overall aggregate by 12-points. Sam Walker comfortably won the first frame by 28. The second frame saw Danny Morgan face Glen Anchor. Danny played well throughout and was 30-points clear when he was on 115. However, Glen, having struggled to get going, found some late form to steal the frame by just 2-points. The final frame started with a conventional double-baulk by Martin Bennet, and the Chairman’s usual good fortune resulted in a 125-97 victory.

Finally, Walmersley A put themselves in a commanding position in Group A with a 4-1 victory over MissQs B. Darren Samuels took the first frame by 37-points, but Roy Denson struck back in the second frame with a 125-112 victory. In an evenly handicapped final frame, Dave Samuels was triumphant to ensure the aggregate points went the home teams way.

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Victoria Victorious. No Miss-cues from MissQ’s A. Walmersley B Bounce Back.

Victoria made it two from two in the team knock out competition by narrowly beating Walmersley A thanks to their 20-point team handicap advantage. Despite a 37-break from Dave Samuels in the opening frame, Carl Whittaker pinched the frame by just 7 points. Brian Samuels struck back for the home team with a 25-point victory, but Alan Lees held his nerve to take the final frame 125-122 along with the aggregate score by just 5 points.

The second match in group A saw MissQ’s B welcome Walmersley B. James Fletcher and Trevor Burns both made tentative starts to their game. A cluster of teen and 20 breaks saw James claw back the handicap deficit, which was quickly followed by a 52 break from the Walmersley captain. Trevor replied with his own array of teen breaks to bring him back into the game, but James polished off the last few required points for victory. Not wanting to be outdone in the breaks department, Dale Jones played a solid and consistent game, which also included a 52-break to claim Walmersley’s second point of the evening. Sid Ash, having refereed both of the previous frames, had obviously been inspired, as he recorded a quick-fire 30-break in the final frame to claim a consolation point for MissQ’s B.

In group B, there were no less than 6 30+ breaks from visitors MissQ’s A. On arguably the tightest pockets in the league, Phil Deakin overcame a 96-point handicap disadvantage with breaks of 57 and 46 without reply. Given Phil’s form, Brian was lucky to add 25 to his score before Phil ran out! Derek Hamlet slowly caught opponent, Steve Chant, passing him at the 115 mark, to take the second frame. In the final frame, Paul Mather played to his strengths, with half-ball in-offs going in for fun. Paul Eslick struggled to keep the MissQ’s maestro at bay as he was also passed at the 115 mark to complete the whitewash.

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Team KO – Walmersley B Make The Breaks But Fail To Break Victoria

Walmersley B travelled to Victoria in the first round of the team knock out competition this week, but could only muster one point thanks to Dale Jones. The first frame saw Glen Anchor take immediate advantage of a 65-point handicap advantage, scoring regular high teen breaks until James Fletcher got used to the run of the table and recorded breaks of 43 & 31 with the aid of some good fortune. However, the early onslaught had put the game beyond reach, and Glen won comfortably by 75-points. Dale Jones clawed a frame back for the visitors thanks to a 32-break, which left Walmersley with an outside chance of victory going into the final frame. Ian Belgin started well, making regular teen contributions, backed up by an impressive 42-break made up from some specialist elaborate cannons. However, Alan Lees finished with some high teen breaks of his own with a generous helping of flukes to claim the frame and the match 4-1.

Seedfield B hosted Walmersley A in the other Group A match. Jim Peters started well, but an in-form Bob Capron managed to find his feet and claim the first frame by just one point. Dave Samuels showed consistency throughout his frame against Chairman Bennett to level the match despite Martin having the first opportunity to claim the point. Darren Samuels completed the whitewash in the final game to put Walmersley A in an early commanding position.

In group B, Elton hosted Castleton Bowling Club. Bruce Holden took the first frame, overcoming a 65-point handicap deficit. Paul Taylor won the second frame for Elton despite a 30 break from opponent Terry Jump. Paul Holt made it three from three for Elton with a narrow 12-point victory in the final frame.

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MissQs A Claim Last 5 Prize With Whitewash In Sports Bar Derby

The Bury Billiards League 2021/22 season concluded with a MissQs derby whitewash in favour of the A team. Derek Hamlet got the evening off to a great start with a 41-point victory. Paul Mather overturned a 161-point handicap disadvantage in the second frame, and Phil Deakin produced a captains performance to complete the 5-0 victory.

Walmersley B welcomed Seedfield A, with the home team claiming a large handicap advantage after the first two frames. Dale Jones got the ball rolling with a 43-point victory thanks to a 32 break and a cluster of 20+ breaks, which sees him claim the best league average prize. On the other table, both James Fletcher and Paul Eslick started their game in a cagey fashion, exchanging teen breaks and the odd fluke. James then took control with breaks of 31 and 40 to win by 90-points and put Walmersley 133 ahead. Seedfield claimed a consolation point through Gary McGovern thanks to some impressive potting.

Elton Lib had Paul Holt to thank for their 3-2 win at home against Victoria. The visitors won the first frame as Barry Weall struggled to catch Gerald Sheridan. However, Paul Holt, levelled the match with a crushing 125-67 victory. Paul Taylor was cruising along comfortably in the final frame, but a 41 break followed by a 20+ unfinished from Sam Walker saw Victoria snatch the final frame, missing out on the bonus points by just 8 chalks.

Finally, Walmersley A travelled to Seedfield B. The first frame was won by Bob Capron, taking his tally to 12 wins from 15 games, which awards him the most frame wins prize. It was league president vs league chairman in the second frame, with Dave Samuels winning the frame by 26-points. Seedfield narrowly claimed the last point through Danny Morgans 125-123.

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MissQ’s B Champions! Elton & Walmersley A’s 1Hr Match. Morgan’s 178 Point Victory!

CONGRATULATIONS to MissQ’s Sports Bar B; the 2021/22 Bury Billiards League Champions!

Despite losing 4-1 in this weeks match, MissQs B are the new champions. They travelled to Seedfield B and were soon wondering whether they would secure the top spot this week following narrow defeats courtesy of Steve Chant and Garry McGovern. However, Sid Ash claimed the final point of the evening, which meant that they were now relying on Walmersley Con A scoring just one point in their match against Elton Lib.

Elton welcomed Walmersley A for an extremely short visit by Bury Billiards League standards. Elton had a fantastic start to the night thanks to a colossal 125-5 victory from Bruce Holden in the first game. Bob Capron levelled the match in the second frame, which keeps him in contention for this season’s most frame wins (he is currently in joint 1st place with Roy Denson). Barry Weall took the final frame by 66-points, resulting in a 4-1 victory for Elton. The whirlwind of a match was done-and-dusted for 8:30pm, giving Elton a well-earned early night!

In stark contrast, the Castleton vs Walmersley B match was finished just before midnight after a series of grueling games where all players struggled to play to their full potential. James Fletcher trailed Mark Davies up until his final few visits to the table; pinching victory by just 10-points. Ian Belgin gradually clawed back an 87-point handicap disadvantage to win the second frame. Terry Jump won the final frame and a consolation point for Castelton.

Finally, Seedfield B had Danny Morgan to thank for an emphatic turnaround in their match against MissQs A.

MissQ’s had started well through Derek Hamlets 125-103 victory, and captain Phil Deakin narrowly beat Chairman Bennett to take the match to 2-0. Danny Morgan capitalised on a whopping 212-point head start against Paul Mather with some terrific potting, which saw him claim the final frame by 178 points!

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MissQ’s B All But Champions As Elton Suffer Double Defeat

With just two weeks left of the Bury Billiards 2021-22 season, leaders MissQ’s B are just two frame wins away from claiming the Championship. They hold a 9-point lead over closest rivals, Elton, following a double fixture week for the Liberal club. Walmersley B hosted Elton in their rearranged match on Monday evening, but could only muster one point, courtesy of Paul Taylor. Paul made the perfect start for the visitors, winning by 16-points, scoring regularly with some impressive combination shots throughout. On the other table, James Fletcher started well, having given a 103-point head start. He consistently recorded 20-breaks early in the frame to claw back the handicap disadvantage, eventually winning by 26-points. Dale Jones didn’t give his opponent much chance to score in the final frame, which he took 125-52.

Elton’s second match of the week saw them face an in form MissQ’s A. Again, Elton started strongly; this time through Barry Weall, who broke away late in the game to claim victory. Paul Holt scored well early in the second frame to keep his handicap advantage. However, the tables soon turned, with Paul Mather recording breaks of 38, 37 & 37 to level the match. Elton looked like they had bounced back from the previous evenings defeat, as Paul Taylor’s break of 47 had put him within 6-points of the finish line. However, a 30-unfinished break from Phil Deakin saw MissQ’s steal the frame and along with the aggregate points by just 2-chalks.

Walmersley A travelled to Victoria and had Bob Capron to thank for a complete turnaround in the final frame. Sam Walker and Glen Anchor had both won their frames for Victoria by 6-points each, but Bob produced a steady performance to claim the final match point and the bonus aggregate points by just 4.

MissQ’s B welcomed Castleton, and made it 3 wins from 3 games thanks to Trevor Burns (125-84) and Roy Denson (125-116). Terry Jump recorded a consolation point for the visitors in the final frame, but the turning the aggregate score in their favour was a little too much to ask.

Finally, the Seedfield derby was won by the B team. Paul Eslick claimed a very narrow victory in the first frame, but the scoring stopped there for the A team. Martin Bennett levelled the match and edged the B team ahead in the aggregate score, and Danny Morgan relied on some good potting to take the third.

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Spectators Treated To Anchor vs Mather Billiards Brilliance

The match between MissQ’s A and Victoria produced a fantastic final frame, which saw MissQ’s A take all 5 points and an early lead in the last 5 competition.

Derek Hamlet had put the home team ahead with a narrow victory. Phil Deakin followed with a thumping 69-point victory in the second frame. However, the aggregate points were not out of reach for the visitors, as Glen Anchor took on Paul Mather with a 158-point head start. Glen took the bull by the horns, immediately recording a 47 break, taking his lead to 205! However, rather than folding under the pressure of such a deficit, Paul seemed to be inspired by Glen’s break, and recorded breaks of 55 & 34 himself to claw his way back into the frame. Glen continued to score teens every time he visited the table, but two 29-breaks saw Paul clinch victory and complete the whitewash.

Walmersley B welcomed league leaders, MissQ’s B. The final 5-0 score in favour of the visitors didn’t quite reflect how close the match was. Trevor Burns narrowly clinched victory in the first frame, with both players struggling to get up to full speed. Roy Denson’s 18 break during his final visit saw him take the second frame by just 2 points. Sid Ash continued the evenings theme of closely fought frames with a 9-point victory. Only 25-points separating the teams after 3 frames.

Elton Lib travelled to Seedfield A in their fixture. Gary McGovern pressed steadily throughout his game against Paul Holt. With the scores level at 108-108, Paul ran out with a quick 17 break. Paul Eslick quickly caught Bruce Holden, but the game then turned into a cat and mouse affair with Paul finally taking the game by 13. Brian Ridley set off steadily in the final game to lead by over 30. Barry Weall responded once Brian had reached the 100’s. The two were lev el at 118-118, and it was Barry that struggled over the line.

Finally, Castleton hosted Seedfield B. Jim Peters continued his impressive season with a 25-point victory in the first frame. Martin Bennett bounced back from the previous weeks defeat, taking advantage of some typical good fortune in conjunction with a healthy head start. Danny Morgan completed the 5-0 victory with a 2-point victory in the final frame.

Well done to all players who entered the Scottish Open over the weekend! Congratulations to Paul Mather for reaching the last 32, making 56 and 54 breaks on his way. Well done to Roy Denson making a 50 break in one of his matches. Sid Ash and Elvet Smith also represented the league in a reportedly enjoyable weekends worth of billiards.

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Mather & Deakin Turn Match Around With Trio Of 50+ Breaks

Despite an open fixture, MissQ’s B remain top of The Bury Billiard League, but the gap at the top has been closed thanks to victories from Walmersley B and Elton Lib.

Walmersley B travelled the short distance to Seedfield B in their fixture. Ian Belgin got the visitors off to a great start. He overcame an 84-point handicap disadvantage against an in-form Jim Peters, to win by 27. Some trademark refereeing from Chairman Bennett added to the entertainment. Perhaps the refereeing had taken its toll on the Chairman, as James Fletcher capitalized on Ian’s victory with a 40-opint victory in a frame that saw an unusual lack of flukes from Martin. Danny Morgan scored a consolation point for Seedfield in the final frame thanks to some good potting.

Elton Lib welcomed Castleton in a match that got off to a great start for the visitors. Alistair Hardman combined flukes with billiard shots to take the first frame by 53 points. However, Paul Holt stopped the rot in the second frame to claw back 31 of those points. Bruce Holden played well early in his frame to open up a strong lead, but Terry Jump struck back with a 40-break. However, it was too late in the game to make a difference, and Bruce took the frame and match for Elton.

Walmersley A hosted MissQ’s A in the fixture that provided this weeks highlights. Bob Capron took the first frame for Walmersley, but three breaks of 50 and above in the next two frames saw MissQ’s take the remaining points. Phil Deakin timed his 58 break perfectly as he won by just one chalk. This inspired Paul Mather to follow with two 50+ breaks of his own in the final frame to add to his ever growing tally of 30+ breaks.

Finally, Seedfield A travelled to Victoria. Victoria bounced back from their previous weeks 5-0 defeat with a 5-0 victory. Both Glen Anchor and Sam Walker took their frames 125-97, and Gerald Sheridan finished the evening off with a 125-103 victory.

The early leaders in the last 5 competition are Castleton, having scored 6/10 so far. However, with 4 fixtures still to play, a chance remains for all teams to succeed.

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MissQ’s B Go 9-Points Clear With Narrow Victory Against Seedfield B

COVID-19 took its first Bury Billiards League casualty this week, as Walmersley B were unable to field a team against Elton Lib. The Fletchers’ were out of action, but are now back to full health and raring to go J

Many thanks to Elton Lib for agreeing to reschedule the fixture!

MissQ’s B extended their lead at the top of the table, and now have a stronghold on the top spot. Their match against Seedfield B was won by just 7 aggregate points. Jim Peters won his 6th game of the season for the visitors in the first frame, but Sid Ash claimed his 8th victory of the season to level the match. Roy Denson completed the turnaround with a closely fought 15-point victory in the final frame, which means he has now won ¾ of his games.

Walmersley A travelled a short distance to Seedfield A. Despite a 36 break from Dave Samuels, Steve Chant managed to keep his nose in front throughout to claim the first point by just 5 chalks. Paul Eslick made a teen break nearly ever visit to get himself in front, and left no easy starters for his opponent to make the score line 2-0 for the home team. With a target of 86-points for Brian Ridley to secure the aggregate, the game was still in the balance. However, Bob Capron left it too late and had to settle for a consolation point for his frame win.

Finally, Castleton hosted Victoria in a match that saw them jump 2 places up the league table. Elvet Smith put in a steady performance to beat an in-form Glen Anchor. The second frame was narrowly won by Bill Schofield to give Terry Jump the opportunity to complete the whitewash in the final frame. Terry overcame a 66-point handicap advantage with the aid of a 36 break to win his game by 20-points.

The season now enters its last 5 matches with a prize available to the team scoring the most league points that also finish outside the prize money positions in the league.

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Away Teams Struggle As Hosts Win All New Year Fixtures

The first matches of 2022 saw all home teams take victory with a 4-1 scoreline!

Victoria hosted Walmersley B and got off to a perfect start through Glen Anchor. Glen quickly recorded a break of 32, capitalising on a 29-point handicap advantage. He then continued to make breaks in the high teens and early 20’s, leaving his opponent to do nothing but spectate, as he took the first frame by 120 points! The second frame got off to a similar start as the first. Sam Walker made an early 43-break to add to a 20-point handicap advantage. However, opponent James Fletcher struck back with a 38 break and a series of 20+ breaks to edge ahead before a nervy finish from both players. Sam held it together to clinch the frame and send the home team into a 2-0 lead. The final frame saw yet another 30+ break through Dale Jones’ (32), which secured a consolation point for Walmersley. A special mention must go to Alan Lees’ efforts to try to persuade the balls to do what he wished through a combination of…

MissQ’s A welcomed Seedfield A in their match. Steve Chant got the visitors off to a great start with a 45-point victory. The next frame looked to be going Seedfields way, but a trio of breaks from Paul Mather (30, 36, 44unf) saw him steal the frame to level the match. Phil Deakin completed the comeback for MissQ’s with some good fortune in combination with some well-played billiards.

MissQ’s B travelled to Elton Lib in their fixture. Paul Holt got the home team off to a great start thanks to a well-constructed 35-break, which actually included an uncharacteristic array of billiards shots (sorry Paul J). Bruce Holden followed up with a second frame victory, as Trevor Burns couldn’t quite overcome the handicap disadvantage. Sid Ash played within himself, and despite being caught by opponent Paul Taylor, he managed a late surge to take the final frame.

Finally, Castleton made the trip to Walmersley A. Dave Samuels ensured that he remains in contention for the most frame wins prize with a first frame victory. Bob Capron made the score 2-0 to put the home team in control, but Elvet Smith overcame a 59-point handicap deficit to stop the whitewash.

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Walmersley Derby Produces Whitewash For The A Team

Walmersley A struck a huge blow to Walmersley B’s chances of the Bury Billiards League title this with, as they completely whitewashed their Matherroad counterparts in the Walmersley derby. Ian Belgin struggled to get going against a consistent Bob Capron, leaving it too late in the game to benefit from a 33 break. Dale Jones suffered only his 2nd defeat of the season at the hands of Dave Samuels despite starting well. This meant that James Fletcher needed to restrict opponent Darren Samuels to scoring only 27-points to turn the aggregate and the match around. James started well, immediately scoring 29 from his first visit, followed by a small collection of teen breaks. However, the league secretary is now considering random drugs tests, as it seemed that Darren Samuels suddenly became possessed by the spirit of Walter Lindrum, potting balls for fun and easily completing the whitewash for the A team.

Trevor Burns continued his good form as he took the first frame for MissQ’s B against Victoria. Roy Denson capitalised with a 53-point victory in the 2nd frame, which put the match firmly in MissQ’s hands. Alan Lees secured a consolation point for Victoria in the final frame.

Castleton hosted MissQ’s A. The first frame looked to be going Castletons way, but a 51 unfinished break by Paul Mather turned the frame around. Paul also recorded break of 31 & 34 for good measure. Bill Schofield hit back for the home team to level the match in the second frame. Although Phil Deakin won the final frame, Bill’s 52-point victory proved too heavy to overturn the aggregate – 3-2 to Castleton.

Finally, Seedfield B welcomed Elton Lib. Paul Holt narrowly claimed the first frame, followed by a whopping 59-point victory in the second by Bruce Holden. Danny Morgan stopped the whitewash with a final frame victory, despite a valiant effort from Paul Taylor, who recorded this weeks highest break of 53.

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Walmersley B Comeback Keeps Them In Touch Of Leaders MissQ’s B

MissQ’s B maintained their stronghold on the top spot of the Bury Billiards League after a 4-1 victory against Walmersley A. Trevor Burns hardly left Bob Capron a shot in his first frame 80-point victory. Dave Samuels replied for the home team, to level the match at 1-1, but the damage had already been done. Roy Denson edged Darren Samuels in the final frame by just 4 points.

MissQ’s A got off to a flying start as they hosted Walmersley B. Paul Mather played consistantly well, recording breaks of 66 and 30 to take the first frame by over 100 points. However, Walmersley struck back through James Fletcher’s 125-42 vicory in the second. James recording a 42 break in the process. This set up a final frame showdown between Dale Jones and Phil Deakin. Dale continued his recent good form with a 33 break, to finish the turn around for the visitors, and keep them within reach of the league leaders.

Seedfield A hosted Castleton, with Paul Eslick and Terry Jump producing the best frame of the evening from a spectators point of view. Terry got off to a flyer with a 38 break, but Paul quickly answered with a 31 of his own. The game became a cat and mouse affair with Paul requiring 8 points for victory. However, at 50 points behind, Terry made a 20 break to keep the visitors in the match. Steve Chant & Bill Schofield carried on the cat and mouse theme, as no more than 15 points ever seperated the two. Steve pinched the frame 125-124. The final frame saw Elvet Smith string a series of teen plus breaks to gradually overcome the aggregate defecit and claim a 3-2 win for the visitors.

Finally, Seedfield B travelled to Victoria, but failed to take any points home. Sam Walker took the first frame by 30 points, and Glen Anchor follwed with a 27 point victory. The whitewash was completed by Gerald Sheridan in the final frame.

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Mather Narrowly Misses Out On Century Break. MissQ’s B Open Gap At Top

The half way point in the Bury Billiards League sees MissQ’s B lead the way by 4 points after their 5-0 triumph in the MissQ’s derby. Derek Hamlet showed signs of returning back to form as he took on an in form Sid Ash. Derek closed the handicap gap, but Sid pulled away towards the end of the frame to take the first point of the evening. Phil Deakin and Trevor Burns had a cracker of a game. Phil raced into a 30 point lead, only for Trevor to peg him back wit ha 35 break. It was then nip and tuck until Phil broke down on what was panning out to be a match winning break with only one point required for victory. Trevor required 38 points to win, and looked to be well on his way until he broke down on a 36 break. Phil missed, leaving Trevor a cannon to win by one point. The whitewash was completed by Roy Denson in the final frame, despite opponent, Paul Mather, recording breaks of 42 and 91, which puts him in firm command of the high break prize.

Walmersley A hosted Seedfield B. Seedfield took all their best shots to Walmersley. Martin Bennett had the best of the running in the first frame with his renowned flukes aiding his 125-119 victory. Jim Peters produced a similar performance, as he made a 22 break, 18 points of which reportedly came from flukes. Bob Capron managed to pull some aggregate points back after trailing 119-63 to finish the game 125-98. Dave Samuels managed to edge out Danny Morgan in the final frame to claim a consolation point for Walmersley.

Walmersley B travelled down the road to Seedfield A. Dale Jones got the away team off to a flyer, restricting his opponent to scoring only 8 points and throwing a 30 break in for good measure. Steve Chant looked to have completely turned the game on its head in the second frame, as he lead by over 100 points needing only 17 for victory. However, Ian Belgin showed composure to finish with a score of 98. Brain Ridley chipped away steadily in the final frame wit hhis usual mantra “two’s two”. His opponent responded with some steady play and earnt the title James ‘Flukey’ Fletcher to take the final frame by 8 points. 4-1 to Walmersley, to keep them in touch with the league leaders.

Finally, Victoria welcomed Elton. Paul Holt overcame the handicap disadvantage in the first to win by 8 points. Paul Taylor took on Sam Walker in an evenly matched second frame. Paul increasing the aggreagte lead to 31 points in favour of Elton. Bruce Holden kept Alan Lees at bay with an initial 16 point handicap lead only being cut down to 8, which saw Elton take all 5 points home.

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MissQ’s B Continue Winning Streak But Walmersley Teams Maintain Pressure

MissQ’s B continued their winning streak wit ha 5-0 victory over Seedfield A. Trevor Burns got the home team off to a great start with a 31 break helping him overcome Paul Eslick. Sid Ash made it 5 wins from 7 games as he secured a similarly scored game. Finally, Roy Denson matched his teammates 5 out of 7 with a closely fought 125-122 victory.

Walmersley Con A ensured that they remain in contention for the top spot wit ha 4-1 away win at Elton Lib. Bob Capron had Bruce Holden to thank for his first frame win, as Bruce inadvertantly picked up the cue ball despite it being in play. Dave Samuels won by a comfortable margin in the second frame, which meant that the aggregate was fairly secure. Brian Samuels made his 2021 debut, just managing to reach the aggregate score winning target, but Paul Holt ensured a consolation point for the home team.

Castleton travelled to Walmersley B in their fixture. Terry Jump continued to score in the high teens and early 20’s to comfortably win the first frame. Ian Belgin narrowly missed out on yet another 30+ break in his second frame victory, which meant that the final frame left all to play for. Dale Jones started well, building up a large lead thanks to a 33 break, but Elvet Smith surged back to give a glimour of hope for the aggregate points. However, Dale took advantage of his earlier good play to clinch a 4-1 victory for Walmersley.

Seedfield B had Jim Peters to thank for their 3-2 victory against MissQ’s A. Although only winning by 22 points in the first frame, it proved enough to secure the aggregate points. The second frame saw a closely fought contest between Richard Adams and Phil Deakin. Phil managed to turn a handicap deficit of 96 points to steal the frame by 6. The final frame  started with a trademark Chairman Bennett fluke; cutting the red into the top left pocket from in-hand. However, Derek Hamlet showed composure in trying to stop Martin reach an aggregate winning score, which saw the frame turn tactical. Derek claimed the frame 125-119, but this was enough to give the home team both aggregate points by a margin of 10.

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Two Points Separate Top Six Teams As MissQ’s B Make 3 Out of 3

As we approach the half way point in the 2021/22 Bury Billiards League season, only two points separate all of the teams in the top two thirds of the table!

The Seedfield Bowling Club derby produced this seasons first draw! The B team looked on course to claim all 5 points as they took the first two frames through Martin Bennett and Danny Morgan. Steve Chant started well in the first frame and kept his nose infront until a late surge by the Chairman himself saw him run out with a crafty 11 break. The second frame saw Paul Eslick get to within 30-points of his opponent, but Danny Morgan kept his composure, streaking to an 80-point lead. Paul replied with a mini-streak of his own, recording a 34 break in the process and double baulking Danny when he had reached 119. However, Danny managed a cannon off the cushion to clinch the frame. Brian Ridley looked to have turned the game on its head in the final frame, but Jim Peters saved the day for the B team thanks to a 6 shot to tie the aggregate points.

MissQ’s B continued their good form in a similarly closely fought match. Castleton’s Bill Schofield and Terry Jumptook the first two frames by narrow margins, despite Trevor Burns making a 33-break in the first frame. With only 9 points separating the teams going into the final frame, all was still to play for. Sid Ash proved to be MissQ’s hero as he took the frame 125-103 and secured 3 points for the visitors.

Walmersley Con A ensured that they remained in the mix, taking all 5 points as they entertained Victoria.The first two frames were won by narrow margins; Bob Capron & Darren Samuels the victors. Dave Samuels won the final frame by 33 points to finish the evening off in style.

Finally, Elton Lib travelled to MissQ’s A and took all five points home – perhaps due to a depleted MissQ’s squad; perhaps due to some fine individual Elton performances. Barry Weall took the first frame, as Rob Greenwood made his 2021/22 league debut. Bruce Holden won his first 2021/22 frame despite a 30 break from opponent, Phil Deakin. Paul Holt won the final frame by 25-points to send Elton 3rd in the overall standings.

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Mather Comes Back Strong as Castleton Clinch Top Spot

Bury Billiards Leagues 6th week produced a set of results to tighten the league up as we start the approach to Christmas.

League leaders Walmersley A travelled to MissQ’s B. An in form Ian Belgin didn’t fail to record yet another 30+ break, but opponent Roy Denson slowly played his way into the frame to finish well and take the point. Dale Jones was high on confidenece going into his frame as he was yet to be beat this season. However, Sid Ash played a fluent frame to take the match to 2-0 for the home team. The final frame saw Trevor Smith make his 2021 debut, and with thanks to a trio of 20+ breaks, he pipped opponent James Fletcher to the post. 5-0 to MissQ’s B.

Only 14 aggregate points separated Seedfield B from Castleton. The first frame went to the home side through Jim Peters by a narrow 6-point margin. Elvet Smith struck back for Castleton with a similarly narrow 8-point margin. This left the game nicely poised going into the final frame, which saw experience prevail, as Bill Schofield won by 12 points to take Castleton to the top of the league.

Victoria hosted MissQ’s A in their match. Glen Anchor’s 125-56 victory in the first frame was a severe blow early in the evening, putting MissQ’s A on the back foot straight away. Sam Walker looked to capitalise in the second, and looked on course to do so when the scoreline stood at 110-26 in his favour. However, opponent Paul Mather had not quite thrown the towel in, as he recorded a 57 break and a 32 unfinished to steal the frame. Alan Lees took the final frame with a 125-88 victory, and keep Victoria off the bottom of the table.

Seedfield A had a successful trip to Elton Lib. Brian Ridley claimed the first frame by just 8 points, but Paul Holt levelled with a 12 point victory. Paul Eslick made it 3 wins from 4 games in the final game to put Seedfield A in a strong mid table position with a game in hand over the two leaders. 

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Belgin Keeps Walmersley B On Top, As Castleton Rally

The 5th week of the Bury Billiards League produced two whitewashes. The first of which was Castleton’s comeback after last weeks 5-0 loss. They welcomed unbeaten, Elton Lib, to theier home turf, and got underway with Alistair Hardman’s narrow 14-point victory. Terry Jump was triumphant in the second frame with a 125-65 win, and Bill Schofield finished the evening off with a closely fought 6-point victory in the final frame.

Victoria travelled to Seedfield Bowling Club, taking on the A team. Steve Chant pipped Gerald Sheridan at the post after both players played a safe game. Paul Eslick and Glen Anchor matched each other well in the second frame until 90 points a piece, but Paul pulled away at the end with two breaks above 10 to take the match to 2-0. The final frame saw Gary McGovern keep his handicap advantage throughout with Alan Lees missing too many pots to claw back any points.

Walmersley B remain at the top of the league after a 4-1 victory at home against Seedfield B. Jim Peters potted well and finished with an impressive 8-point shot to take the first frame. However, Ian Belgin recorded a break of 45 during his frame (although this was originally thought to have been a 31 break before a stray cue ball trickled ever so delicately into a pocket whilst the referee was placing the score on the board) to level the match and keep the aggregate evenly poised. Dale Jones continued on his unbeaten streak in the final frame to turn the aggregate around in the home teams favour by just 9 points.

The MissQ’s B vs Walmersley A result was a 3-2 victory to the home team, but scores are yet to come in.

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Victoria Open Their 2021/22 Season Account With Whitewash

The Bury Billiards League tightened up at the top after week 4, with only 5 points seperating 1st and 6th.

League Leaders Walmersley B travelled to unbeaten Elton Lib. In the first frame, Barry Weall took advantage of a 115 handicap advantage to keep his opponent at bay throughout the frame. Dale Jones continued in his winning ways with a second frame victory, but Paul Taylor steadied the ship to claim the final frame and a 4-1 victory to send Elton 2nd in the league having played one less than the leaders.

Victoria claimed their first victory of the season in style with a complete 5-0 whitewash over opponents Castleton. Glen Anchor won the first, and Sam Walker put in a true captains performance to take the second by 88 points; putting the home team in complete control of the aggregate score. Gerld Sherridan finished the evening with a narrow 18 point victory.

Seedfield A had a short journey up the road to face Walmersley A. The visitors claimed the first frame through Paul Eslick despite opponent, Dave Samuels, recording a 32 break. Dave started the frame well, but as the club temperature increased, he suffered from a sticky cue, which allowed Paul to steadily progress to the finish. Garry McGovern took the second frame by a similar margin as Bill Whittaker made his first appearance this season. Darren Samuels got the consolation frame for Walmersley to end the evening with a late surge in his frame.

Finally, Seedfield B hosted MissQ’s B in a match that produced the highlights of the week. Trevor burns opened his account in the 30+ breaks table with an impressive 46 to overturn an 80 point handicap disadvantage. Teammate, Roy Denson, followed in the second frame with a 32 break; winning by 70 points! Although the aggregate was well out of reach at this point, that didn’t stop Sid Ash inflicting even more damage in the final frame with a 69 point victory to take all 5 points home.

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Cobwebs Seem To Be Blown Away As Breaks Tally Increases

Week 3 of the Bury Billiards League produced the most 30+ breaks so far in the 2021/22 season with 5 players making 8 breaks between them. Paul Mather recorded the highest 2 breaks of the bunch with a 47 and a 45 to claim the second frame for MissQ’s A against Seedfield A after Gary McGovern had put Seedfield a frame ahead in the first. Phil Deakin added to the breaks tally with a 35 in his final frame victory to take 4 points home for the visitors.

Castleton Bowling Club hosted league leaders Walmersley A. Bill Schofield narrowly beat opponent Darren Samuels in the first for the home team. Terry Jump made breaks of 33 and 30 to claim an emphatic 73-point victory in the second frame, but Walmersley struck back through Bob Capron to claim a consolation point.

Elton Lib continued their impressive start to the season with a 4-1 victory away to MissQ’s B. Barry Weall won the first frame, only for Roy Denson to claim the second for MissQ’s by a single point. Paul Taylor held his nerve in the final frame, which means Elton remain the only unbeaten side in the league.

Finally, Walmersley B welcomed Victoria to a newly decorated club. Dale Jones made hard work of overcoming veteran Gerrald Sheridan in the first frame. Ian Belgin continued his fine form with a 30 break to take the second frame by 70 points, which put the aggregate score firmly in the hands of the home team. James Fletcher made sure of the whitewash with two 31 breaks in the final frame, and send Walmersley B to the top of the league.

Taylor Sets The Bar For High Break

The second week of the Bury Billiards League saw the two Walmersley teams go head to head in an early fight for top spot. Dale Jones got the B team off to a good start with a 33 break, but Dave Samuels hit back with a 38 break in his frame with the aid of some impressive long jenny’s and long in off’s to put the aggregate score well in the hands of the A team. Ian Belgin won the final frame for the B team, but the damage had been done in the second frame, which saw the A team clinch the match and the top spot.

Elton Lib got theit season under way at home to Seedfield B. Danny Morgan got the visitors off to a great start, but Paul Holt showed composure to take the second frame. The highlight of the weeks fixtures was in the final frame of the match, which saw Paul Taylor take on league chairman, Martin Bennett. Paul recorded the leagues highest break so far (51) to see off his opponent in emphatic style, and secure a 4-1 victory for Elton.

Victoria hosted Miss Q’s B. Captain, Roy Denson, secured the first frame narrowly for the visitors. Sid Ash capitalised for MissQ’s with a 26 point victory. Trevor Burns secured all 5 points for the visitors with a final frame tiumph over Alan Lees.

Last seasons champions got back on gtrack with a 5-0 victory over Castleton Bowling Club. Paul Mather recorded breaks of 37 & 33 to overcome a 121 handicap deficit in the first frame. Ronnie Tolson got back to winning ways with a 23 point victory in the second frame. Finally, captain, Phil Deakin, managed to secure the whitewash with a 30 break against Terry Jump, despite Terry recording a 31 break in reply.

Walmersley Teams Lead The Way After Almost 2 Years Out Of Action

The Bury Billiards League 2021-22 season got under way this week after 20 months without a ball being struck!

Welcome back everyone!

The first match saw the 2019-20 champions, MissQ’s A, visit the new Walmersley Con B (previously Radcliffe Central).

The first frame was a tale of cat and mouse between Dale Jones and Ronnie Tolson, with Dale holdingh his nerve to take a 125-113 victory over the distinguished veteran. Ian Belgin faced Paul Mather in the second frame. Ian maintained a healthy lead with some good fortune until Paul struck with a 33 break to put him within 40 points. Ian struck back late on in the game with a 37 break to put Walmersley in a commanding aggregate position. The two captains, Phil Deakin and James Fletcher, faced each other in the final frame. James started well, and quickly recouped the handicap difference with a 35 break, but Phil strung together a series of teen breaks with the aid of some impressive short jenny’s to keep him within reach of the winning margin. However, James held on to narrowly clinch the frame and all 5 points for the home team.

Castleton hosted Seedfield A in a match that saw league debutant Steve Chant record his highest personal break of 19, only to be pipped by Bill Schofield by 6 points. The second frame started slowly, but the running of the balls favoured Elvet Smith as Paul Eslick showed a lack of prctice; Elvet taking a 125-62 victory. The visitors claimed a consolation point in the final frame as Brian Ridley maintained a 27 point lead throughout the majority of the game against Alistair Hardman.

Seedfield B also fielded a league debutant, Danny Morgan, in their match against Victoria. Danny faced the experienced Gerrald Sheridan, who held onto the handicap advantage to take the first frame for the visitors. The remaining frames went the way of the home team. Martin Bennett benefitted from some typical good fortune and took advantage of Sam Walkers mid-frame lull. Jim Peters claimed the final frame with a convincing 125-72 victory over Alan Lees.

Finally, Walmersley A travelled to MissQ’s B. Trevor Burns was welcomed back to the league by Dave Samuels. Dave taking the frame by 29 points. The second frame was also taken by Walmersley – Bob Capron beating Sid Ash 125-104. The visitors took the fina frame and all 5 points to join their Walmersley counterparts at the top of the league, as Darren Samuels won by a whopping 51 points against Roy Denson.

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