Congratulations Victoria - Team KO Champions

Individuals & Doubles Finals to be held on Presentation Evening, Tuesday 12th April at Walmersley Con Club

Thank you to Lancashire Trade Frames for your continued support!

Roll of Honour 1921 to 2011

1921-1922Chesham Unitarian Church Institute1970-1971Chesham
1922-1923St Marie’s1971-1972St Andrews C
1923-1924Primitive Methodist Men’s Institute1972-1973Radcliffe Parish Church
1924-1925Guardian Angels Social Club1973-1974ELPM
1925-1926St Johns Social Club1974-1975Bury URC
1926-1927St Johns Social Club1975-1976Radcliffe St Andrews D
1927-1928St Johns Social Club1976-1977Radcliffe St Andrews B
1928-1929Bury Anthenaeum1977-1978Radcliffe St Andrews A
1929-1930Brunswick Memorial Institute1978-1979Chesham
1930-1931Holy Trinity1979-1980Radcliffe St Andrews A
1931-1932St Marie’s1980-1981Radcliffe St Andrews A
1932-1933Heap Bridge Institute1981-1982Radcliffe St Andrews A
1933-1934Bury Athenaeum1982-1983Chesham
1934-1935Brunswick Memorial Institute1983-1984Lowes Park Golf Club A
1935-1936St Paul’s1984-1985Bonar
1936-1937Bury Men’s Church Men’s Social Club1985-1986Radcliffe St Andrews C
1937-1938St Johns  1986-1987Radcliffe British Legion
1938-1939Clerke St Methodist1987-1988Bury U R C
1939-1940Holy Trinity Mens Club1988-1989Lowes Park Golf Club
1940-1941St Johns Social Club1989-1990Radcliffe British Legion
1941-1942Walmersley Church Social Club1990-1991Coral Snooker A
1942-1943Military College Of Science A Team1991-1992Scala Snooker
1943-1944Military College Of Science A Team1992-1993Dobbies S&SC A
1944-1945St Johns Social Club A Team1993-1994Dobbies S&SC A
1945-1946Brunswick Memorial Institute1994-1995Radcliffe British Legion B
1946-1947St Johns Social Club A Team1995-1996Dobbies S&SC A
1947-1948Woolfold Methodist Institute1996-1997Dobbies S&SC A
1948-1949Heywood St Methodist Institute1997-1998Chesham
1949-1950RAF Association Bury Branch1998-1999Walshaw Con Club
1950-1951Heywood St Methodist Institute1999-2000Radcliffe British Legion
1951-1952St Johns Social Club A Team2000-2001Radcliffe St Marys
1952-1953St Pauls institute A Team2001-2002Walshaw Con Club A
1953-1954Transparent Ltd Sports Club2002-2003Walshaw Con Club B
1954-1955St Johns Social Club A  2003-2004Radcliffe St Marys B
1955-1956St Pauls institute A 2004-2005Radcliffe St Marys A
1956-1957Bury St Johns2005-2006Radcliffe St Marys A
1957-1958All Saints2006-2007Walshaw Con Club B
1958-1959All Saints2007-2008Dobbies S&SC A
1959-1960Chesham2008-2009Radcliffe St Marys A
1960-1961Heywood St Methodists2009-2010Seedfield Bowling Club
1961-1962All Saints A2010-2011Seedfield Bowling Club
1962-1963Bury St John’s B
1963-1964Bury St John’s A
1964-1965All Saints ADivision 2 Champions
1965-1966Radcliffe St Andrews A1961-1962Radcliffe St Andrews A
1966-1967Chesham1962-1963Woolfold B
1967-1968Radcliffe St Andrews A1963-1964New Road A
1968-1969Bibby & Baron1964-1965All Saints B
1969-1970St Maries1965-1966Radcliffe St Andrews B
1966-1967Radcliffe St Andrews C
1967-1968Radcliffe St Andrews B

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