Congratulations Victoria - Team KO Champions

Individuals & Doubles Finals to be held on Presentation Evening, Tuesday 12th April at Walmersley Con Club

Thank you to Lancashire Trade Frames for your continued support!

statistics 2019-2020

 Forename Surname Running Handicaps Played Won Lost For Against Win Margin Average Average For Average Against Max Breaks Richard Adams 60 17 4 13 1833 1993 -9 0.920 108 117 0 0 Glen Anchor -10 17 9 8 1857 1867 -1 0.995 109 110 32 …

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High Breaks 2019-2020

Player Breaks P Mather 114, 74, 64, 63, 63, 60, 55, 55, 54, 51, 49, 47, 47unf, 45, 42, 41, 40, 39, 39, 39, 39, 37, 37, 36, 35, 35, 34, 34, 33, 32, 32, 32, 32, 31, 31, 31, 31, 30 J Fletcher 69, …

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Individuals Knockout

All Individuals last 8 round matches to be played by . All Doubles quarter final matches to be played by . It is the responsibility of the home player(s) to arrange the fixture. Bury Billiards League Individuals Knock Out Competition Last 8 Quarter Final Semi …

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2018 Roll of Honour

2018 Roll of Honour League Champions                 Savanna Snooker & Pool Club Joint League Runner’s up      Sudden Social Club / Elton Liberal Club Team KO Winners                  Walmersley Conservative Club Team KO Runner’s up            Sudden Social Club Individual Merit Winner           Paul Mather Individual Runner up              Sam Walker Pairs Winners                         Bryce Crux & Richard Adams …

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2017 Roll of Honour

2017 Roll of Honour League Champions                   Seedfield Bowling Club A League Runner’s up                  Radcliffe Central Snooker Club Team KO Winners                     Radcliffe Central Snooker Club Team KO Runner’s up               Elton Liberal Club Individual Merit Winner              Kevan Moreton Individual Runner up                  James Fletcher Pairs Winners                            Martin Bennett/Trevor Candler …

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2016 Roll of Honour

2016 Roll of Honour League Champions                   Norman’s Snooker Club League Runner’s up                  Walmersley Conservative Club B Team KO Winners                     Queensway Snooker Club Team KO Runner’s up               Walmersley Conservative Club B Individual Merit Winner              Mick Middleton Individual Runner up                  Ray Hobman Pairs Winners                            Andy Lester/Bob Capron Pairs …

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2015 Roll of Honour

2015 Roll of Honour League Champions                 Walmersley Conservative Club A League Runner Up                 Radcliffe Central Snooker Club Team KO Winners                  Queensway Snooker Club Team KO Runners Up            Tottington Conservative Club Individual Merit Winner           Martin Bennett Runner Up                              Dale Jones Pairs Winners                          Roy Denson/Alan Lees Runners Up                             Paul Davies/ Wayne Usher Highest League Break            Terry …

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2014 Roll of Honour

2014 Roll of Honour League Champions:             Radcliffe Central Snooker Club Runners up:                        Walmersley Conservative Club A Team KO Winners               Walmersley Conservative Club B Runners up         …

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2013 Roll of Honour

2013 Roll of Honour League Champions:             Bury Snooker Club Runners up:                         Dobbies S&SC Team KO Winners               Elton Liberal Club B Runners up                          Bury Snooker Club Individual Merit                     Aaron Davies Runner up                            Martin Bennett Pairs Winners                       Trevor Burns/Trevor Smith Runners up                          Sid Ash/Neil Oddie Highest Break Winner         Jack McLaughlin (97) Best League Average         Jack McLaughlin Best …

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