Congratulations Victoria - Team KO Champions

Individuals & Doubles Finals to be held on Presentation Evening, Tuesday 12th April at Walmersley Con Club

Thank you to Lancashire Trade Frames for your continued support!

2012 Roll of Honour

2012 Roll of Honour League Champions:             Tottington Conservative Club Runners up:                         Elton Liberal Club A Team KO Winners               Walmersley Conservative Club Runners up                          Elton Liberal Club B Individual Merit                     Peter Stanyer Runner up                            Paul Eslick Pairs Winners                       Chris Banner/Jamie Street Runners up                          Tony Sudhurst/Keith Brooks Highest Break Winner          Phil Spring (52) Best League Average          Phil …

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2011 Roll of Honour

2011 Roll of Honour League Champions             Seedfield Bowling Club Runners up                          Prestwich Conservative Club Team KO Winners               Dobbies S&SC A Runners up                          Seedfield Bowling Club Individual Merit                     Ian Street Runner up                            Bill Mitchell Pairs Winners                       Brian and; David Samuels Runners up                          Paul Cooke and; Jamie Street Highest Break Winner          Phil Spring (55) Best League …

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Roll of Honour 1921 to 2011

ROLL OF HONOUR 1921 TO 2011 1921-1922 Chesham Unitarian Church Institute 1970-1971 Chesham 1922-1923 St Marie’s 1971-1972 St Andrews C 1923-1924 Primitive Methodist Men’s Institute 1972-1973 Radcliffe Parish Church 1924-1925 Guardian Angels Social Club 1973-1974 ELPM 1925-1926 St Johns Social Club 1974-1975 Bury URC 1926-1927 …

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Contacts & Addresses CONTACTS LIST Club Contact Telephone No Mobile No. Email Address Press Secretary James Fletcher 07887 514999 General Secretary Phil Deakin 07703 576394 Treasurer Brian Ridley 07966 644278 Castleton Bowling Club Ashton Street, Rochdale OL11 3RT Alastair Hardman 07752 984400 …

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Rules League Rules of the Bury Billiards League General1. The ‘Bury Billiards League’ will play billiards according to the ‘Rules of the Game of English Billiards’.  Copies are available on the League website.   2. For delegates meetings and postal reasons, the Bury Billiards League will be based at …

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